About Shu-Ho Ju-Jitsu
Shu-Ho Ju-jitsu Renmei was founded in 1979 by the Head of Shu-Ho Ju-jitsu, Sensei Colin Elgie.  Sensei Elgie can be reached on 020 8857 0917. He holds an 8th Dan Shu-Ho Ju-jitsu and a 5th Dan Iaido - (drawing of the sword).

The name Shu-Ho means Superior Peak or Mountain. This name was given to Sensei Colin Elgie, by his own Sensei Soke Hajime Hayabuchi. Renmei means association, federation or group. 

Soke Hayabuchi is headmaster of Arakimuninsai Ryu of the Dai Nippon Keitensha Dojo - Headquarters in Kobe, Japan. Soke Hayabuchi's interpretation of Shu-Ho is that students should train hard and strive to rise up from the sea of students to become like a mountain. That is to raise our technique and understanding ever higher.
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My Ju-jitsu  was founded in 1996 by Sensei Terry Smith. The Club is run in village of Middle Winterslow on the north side of Salisbury.
Email Sensei Smith (myjujitsu@yahoo.co.uk) for further information. Sensei Smith will also be pleased to offer advice and support to both novice and experienced students interested in the martial art of Ju-jitsu.
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