Approach to Training 
Strength is not the major factor in Jujitsu, rather, balance, leverage and speed are needed for then the available strength can be used to its greatest advantage.

The skill needed to apply jujitsu techniques without relying on strength takes practice, and lots of it. Understanding how a technique works is of great importance only then can it be applied to its greatest effect.

To become an expert in Jujitsu requires commitment, patience, persistence and most of all plenty of regular practice. There are no short-cuts. See Qualities of a BLACK BELT.

At the Kyu (Class) grade stage, training takes the form of mastering technique and form. This early training provides the basics of understanding and application and should not be rushed. Rushing these basic techniques will ultimately hinder progress and slow development once the DAN Grade is REACHED.

At the early Dan (step or Degree) grade stage emphasis is placed on breaking the basic form into infitine applications so that they can be applied in all situations. Difficulty will be experienced at this stage if a good understanding of the basics has not been achieved.

At the high dan grades form is forgotten so that techniques can be executed without conscious thought. At the very highest level no one can trace, or capture, your technique. unfortunately very few individuals will achieve this level of expertise.

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