1. DESIRE - You have to want it. There are no shortcuts, set yourself a goal and do everything in your power to achieve it.

2. COMMITMENT - Commit yourself fully in everything you do. You will not achieve your goals without 100% commitment.

3.COURAGE - When you get knocked down bounce straight back. Face all your fears head on and defeat them.

4. HONOUR- Be proud of your achievements and conduct yourself in a manner that makes others proud to know you. Hold your head high and stand up for your beliefs and lead by example.

5. RESPECT - Respect yourself and be sympathetic and respectful to others opinions. Do your utmost to earn the respect of others.

6. DISCIPLINE - Live your life and train in a controlled and orderly manner. Control your emotions and maintain self control at all times.

7. PATIENCE - Do not rush, take your time to understand. Concentrate on the now and progress at your own rate. Half the fun is getting there.

8. HONESTY - Stand up for what you believe. Be truthful in all you do. Hold your head high. Admit when you are wrong and learn from your mistakes.

9. PERSISTENCE - Nothing worth having comes easily. Persist and continue until you overcome your difficulties.

10. DEPENDABILITY - Support and help others. Under no circumstance let people down. If you make a commitment see it through. Be someone people can rely upon.